These are some of the questions we are asked about . . . . .

Free Shipping?
We would love to be able to offer free shipping on all orders but, regrettably, as a small independent retailer, it is not an economic option.  Our standard shipping charge only just covers postage and then there’s packaging, travel to the Post Office, etc.


I only want a couple of skeins.  Can you supply and what’s the shipping charge?
We’re happy to supply the smallest of orders and, although thin, lightweight items such as skeins of thread or a small cross-stitch kit cost less to post, we apply our Standard Shipping Charge to all web-site orders but reduce the amount that we process from your authorisation.  So, if your item will fit into Royal Mail’s Large Letter category, a lower charge is calculated and applied to your order at the time of despatch.  For a really, really small order, we can perhaps save you the most money by asking you to send an s.s.a.e. and payment in postage stamps – just give us a call.

I live outside the UK – can I see what your Standard Shipping Charge for my country is before proceeding to Checkout?
Yes you can – when you’ve clicked on View Basket, scroll down to Calculate Shipping and find your country then Update Totals.  When appropriate, v.a.t. will be deducted, too.  Although our lower charges for small, light-weight parcels as referred to above  cannot be displayed, be assured that that will be less than the S.S.C.

I need to match a thread but don’t know its number – what shall I do?
No problem – send us a sample, be it stranded cotton, Paterna, Appletons Wool, etc., and we’ll match it for you.  Also, we can often identify which quality of thread it is and suggest an alternative if necessary.


Why is there insufficient thread?
Most embroidery kits have sufficient threads to complete the project, often up to 20% extra.  Everyone stitches differently, some more economically than others, and sometimes, let’s admit it, we make mistakes and have to unpick or are too enthusiastic with our vacuuming.  A genuine shortage in a kit – always check the contents before starting to stitch – will, of course, be rectified without charge, even if we haven’t supplied the kit in the first place.


How much material do I need?
(How long is a piece of string??!!!!)  If it’s counted cross-stitch, we suggest the design size plus 10cm/4″ all round to have sufficient to mount your project.  For canvaswork, again design size plus at least 5cm/2″ and, in addition, if it’s to be upholstered, a good inch beyond a widest point.  Thread quantities are too variable to be precise and are dependant on quality, the count of the fabric, whether it’s a block of colour or scattered stitches, how you do your stitching, etc.  We can advise in specific circumstances.


I’m looking for a particular item but can’t find it on your web-site.
With the best will in the world, we just cannot stock everything but we like to think that what we do have is the best in choice and quality.  It could be that we just haven’t yet had time to list it, in which case we can quickly add product for you or, maybe it’s something we don’t stock but can source for you or point you in the right direction to find it – you’ve only to ask.

I’ve Searched for a specific product and found it on your old website – can I order from it?
Sorry, no – the old site is now defunct and any prices and availability showing is out-of-date.  Please close down the page and go to our current site by typing our address only into your address-bar – if predictive text comes up, just use www.spinningjenny.co.uk – with no /page extensions and then go into the Online Shop or click on Product Categories.  You can then use our Search facility.


Can you complete my stitching project and what would it cost?
Yes, we can complete, start from scratch, even rescue a ‘disaster’ but, as to what it would cost, again, how long is that piece of string?!!  We’d need more specifics to give you a quote – telephone enquiries only, please.


Can you help me with a unique project?
We accept commissions for tramme tapestry or cross-stitch projects, working from your design, extending or adapting existing canvases and patterns, etc., to produce a one-off, individual heirloom.

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