1. TERRY TOWELS GALORE with aida band insert

Superb quality towelling products with aida inserts for you to embellish and personalize

Hand-towels, 50cm x 100cm – £15.95
Guest-towels, 30cm x 50cm – £5.65
Shower-towels, 70cm x 140cm – £32.40
Face-cloths, 30cm x 30cm – £3.75
Wash-mitts, 15cm x 21cm – £3.75
Baby’s bathrobes, to fit from 18 months – £52.95
Shower-towel with hood, 80cm x 70cm – £30.15
Tie-on Bib, 30cm x 34cm – £5.65
Feeder Bib, 40cm x 49cm – £9.85

Download our Product Range List for available sizes and colours
Pattern books of designs in various styles at Rico Cross-stitch Books 

Because of the large and variable range of  Rico-Design towelling we do not stock all available sizes in all colours but can get supplies within 2 – 3 weeks.  A listing of the items that we do have can be viewed on our Product Range Order Form – it is updated regularly but immediate despatch cannot be guaranteed, discontinued stock sold on a first-come, first-served basis..

To order, please telephone #44(0)1756 749200.

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