– a ‘phone call can be quicker and simpler, both for information and for ordering.  Of course, we’re more than happy to reply to your e-mail enquiries, usually same-day, but so often, a quick call will get you the answer and save you time searching and checking.  I’m afraid that the e-mail question ‘Do you sell needles?’ would get you the response ‘Yes’ but a call would get you all the details of size, quality, shape, length, etc., that you’d need to know!  I am aware that our Threads Ordering system can appear somewhat cumbersome (I’m so used to it that I don’t really have to think what I’m doing!) fairly straight forward if you know exactly what you want, but a bit of a pain, I know, if you’re not sure of everything – again, a telephone call to place an order can often be quicker and easier and simpler for me as well.  Thank you in anticipation of you’re needlework custom, I look forward to hearing from you soon.
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