Yarndale 2021

Yarndale 2021

I'm writing this at 10pm on Sunday 26th September after a wonderful 2 days at Skipton's Yarndale Festival. In it's ninth year, this festival of all things woolly took place at Skipton's Auction Mart. Seems appropriate to hold a festival of wool amongst the sheep pens :-) 

We met lots of people over the two days - some people who were customers of Wendy (our predecessor) and some even who were customers of the original Jenny (Whitaker) over a quarter of a century ago. 

I managed to get a look around some of the other stands, and see some of the amazing wools and colours that are being produced around the UK at the moment. Suffice it to say, I think that some of these wools and silk threads are going to feature in our future needlework kits. 

Jenny Junior (my daughter Eleanor) bought her first stick weaving kit and wove a gorgeous purple/ teal wool into it. My favourite was a silk from the Threshing Barn in Reeth, North Yorkshire which had such vibrant colours they shone, even in the dull light in the Mart. We found a couple of other suppliers with wools that are worth looking at for including in our stock lists and kits. More about them either here or on Facebook / Instagram when we've followed them up. 

Tomorrow morning is our time for a 'debrief' (and to catch up on the online orders from the last few days - with thanks for people's patience, waiting for us to send them), and a think about what our stand might look like next year - we certainly do intend to be back again, if they'll have us.

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