Needlework Furniture

Needlework Furniture from Spinning jenny

Tapestries and canvases, crewelwork, embroidery and, even, cross-stitch pieces can be upholstered onto furniture such as footstools, firescreens, workboxes or occasional tables.

The footstools that we stock range from small square or round on bun feet, square and rectangular on Queen Anne or turned legs, fender, overstuffed and inlaid in mahogany, yew or oak style. We can also supply bespoke stools to fit your stitching or in a natural finish for you to stain or varnish yourself.

Needlework Furniture from Spinning jenny

We have workboxes made from solid wood, superbly finished, in a variety of styles and sizes for sale and our stock of interesting and unusual occasional chairs, stools and firescreens, some antique, complete or awaiting your own work is constantly changing. Select from our huge range of tapestry canvases or let us design you something bespoke, even for your own furniture, and once you’ve finished your stitching, we have an excellent craftsman-trained upholstery service. We also have soft-furnishing or picture-framing services to do justice to your work.

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