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Beth Russell Needlepoint

Lodden 2 (pastel grey background) by Beth Russell Needlepoint

Lodden 2 (pastel grey background) by Beth Russell Needlepoint

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A brilliant adaptation of an original William Morris design. 

"Lodden was designed by William Morris as a cotton or linen fabric and was printed at his works in Merton Abbey in 1884. The printing was done by hand, using hand-carved blocks usually made of pear wood. Morris' original background was light. The colours in the kit are designed to blend well with the Strawberry Thieves and Lodden works as well with Morris' favorite indigo blue background as the original." from the Beth Russell description of the design. 

There is enough canvas in the kit to cover a chair seat if required. This is Lodden 2, with a pastel grey background, and enough wool is supplied to stitch an area of 13 x 17" (33cm x 43cm). Spinning Jenny can supply the extra wool if required to extend this area to a full chair seat. The background wool for this kit is shade number 875 (on this site, the SKU is APCR875H) should you wish to order straight away with this kit.

Please do call us or email us before you order to discuss additional wools if necessary - or add a note to your order and we will get in touch with you before dispatching.

Kit contains:

  • Printed Canvas (Zweigart mono de luxe 14ct). 22x26" (33cm x 43cm)
  • Appleton Crewel Wool
  • Needle
  • Detailed instructions
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