1st August - an important date for Spinning Jenny

1st August - an important date for Spinning Jenny

Well, today is the 1st August 2021 (Yorkshire Day for those local to Spinning Jenny). 25 years ago today, Wendy Riley took over ownership of the business that Jennifer Whitaker had started, at least 25 years before that.And today, Jacquie and I (Stephanie) take over to see the business through the next quarter century.

We have spent the last couplew of days moving the stock from Flasby to its new home in Hellifield. There is some more stock to come, but we have most of the cross stitch kits, wool and accessories. We're finding space for them all this week and working on uploading them onto the new shop and website.

I'm learning a lot - Jacquie is the needlework guru, I'm her assistant! it's all a bit bewildering when you're fairly new to it, and I am amazed by the variations in products available. My grandmother was an avid stitcher, producing seat covers, cushions and pictures all through my childhood and I had a go myself, back then. Surrounded by all this wonderful stock, I feel inspired to have a go again. My ten year old daughter has already completed her first one and is eyeing up her next.

If you join us on Facebook and Instagram, we'd really like to see your work - if mine isn't too bad, I'll put it up as well :-)

And here's to the next 25 years!

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