Collection: Pinks & Reds

Appleton's wool is sold in two weights: crewel and tapestry. 

Crewel wool is 2 ply and as well as being used for crewel work, it is also suitable for some cross stitch and embroidery work. It was used extensively by William Morris and in the 21st Century in the Great Tapestry of Scotland and the (new!) Bayeux Tapestry.

Crewel wool is also used in combining different colours to produce subtle colour changes and highlights in work.

Tapestry is the thicker 4 ply weight, used for cushions, chair covers and tapestries needing a thicker weight.  

Appletons wools come in over 400 colours, and each colour can be found in both crewel and tapestry weight. Both weights come in either skeins or hanks, as follows:

  • Crewel Wool Skein - 25m
  • Crewel Wool Hank - 180m
  • Tapestry Wool Skein - 10m
  • Tapestry Wool Hank - 55m

All Appleton's wool come from the Yorkshire Wool Market and is also dyed and spun in Yorkshire. 

To order, please select the colour you would like to buy, and then from the drop down box, the weight and size you need. If you have any problems with this, please get in touch with us: we are happy to take orders over the phone or via email.