Collection: Tramme Tapestry Collections

Seen as some of the finest tapestries available, and most often used for furniture such as chair seats, footstools and cushions, tramme tapestries have the design hand sewn onto the canvas. Sometimes, finer detail is also completed, such as in petit point. The tapestries are mostly sold with the wool to complete the central design, with the background colour (or even additional design) left up to the buyer. 

Tramme is less available now than ever before - the finest coming from the island of Madeira, where each canvas is inspected independently before it is allowed to leave the island for sale. But with the passing of three of the biggest names in the last few years, we here at Spinning Jenny, probably have the largest collection of tramme tapestries left in the UK.

We are putting the tapestries on this site slowly but surely. In addition to the tapestries themselves, we also can advise on and supply the wool to complete the background. We have some wools from the producers themselves, but we can also supply any of the 400+ colours made by Appletons and many of the 300+ colours from the Paterna / Paternayan / Colonial Needle range.  Depending on the size of canvas and how far you wish to sew outwards, the additional cost of the background wool is between £20 and £40.  We are happy to work with you to get the right colour!

We are also pleased to be able to recommend Emille and Danuta at Craven Upholstery for finishing tapestries and fitting to furniture. If you are looking for the whole piece of furniture, we are able to supply small footstools when in stock, or recommend the Royal Oak Furniture company, here in Grassington, for spectacular furniture worthy of these tapestries.