Collection: Embroidery Threads & Tapestry / Crewel Wool

Spinning Jenny stocks a (very) wide range of embroidery threads and tapestry / crewel wools.

Putting everything on line is a massive job when there are only two of us, and is a definite work in progress. Please, please, if you cannot find what you are after, do ring us - we may have it, just not listed. All the Appleton's shades are either available immediately or can be obtained within a week. Contact us directly if you need bulk stocks (for example for Cathedral Embroidery groups) from a single dye lot, or wish to discuss colours to match projects old or new.

We spend quite a bit of our time on thread matching for older projects, or for new and very personal designs. We have Appleton's shade card boxes that can be lent out, and we are very happy to match to threads you send us.

As a guide, we have the following (and if there is an * after it, it's online and stocks are up to date)

  • Appleton's Crewel Wool - skeins and hanks *
  • Appleton's Tapestry Wool - skeins and hanks *
  • Persian 3-ply (also known as Paterna, Paternayan or Colonial Needle) (currently being updated)
  • Riolis Wool/acrylic embroidery thread*
  • Caron Wildflower (limited stocks)
  • Caron Waterlilies (limited stocks)
  • Caron Watercolours (limited stocks)
  • Caron Impressions (limited stocks)
  • Caron Soie Crystalle (limited stocks)
  • Danish Flower Thread*
  • DMC 25 - six stranded cotton
  • DMC six stranded cotton - Variations
  • DMC six stranded cotton - Satin
  • DMC six stranded cotton -Light Effect
  • DMC six stranded cotton - Etoile
  • DMC Perle No 12
  • DMC Perle No 8
  • DMC Perle No 5
  • DMC Coton a Broder (limited colours)
  • Kreinik Decorative & Metallic Thread