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Beverley Tramme Tapestry - Rococco Border Stool

Beverley Tramme Tapestry - Rococco Border Stool

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Medium Stool Tapestry Canvas for stitching design.

Made by exclusive tapestry manufacturer Beverley, these sumptuous tapestry canvases have the design sewn on by hand and are produced exclusively in Madeira and quality checked independently before leaving the island.

This kit includes the trammed canvas ONLY. There is no wool pack or background wool for stitching. Generally, these kits were always sold without background wools so that once the design has been stitched over, a colour that complemented the room or piece of furniture could be used.  

If you would like a woolpack putting together from Appletons Tapestry Wools, please contact us for a quote (usually around £30). Please also note that the price of the canvas has been reduced to take account of the lack of a accompanying wool pack.

Canvas size is 67x57 cm, design is 49x40cm

This tapestry would be suitable for recovering a piano stool or similar.

These are the last of the Beverley stock available.

Please feel free to get in touch with us on 01756 753484 or if you would like to discuss the wool before ordering, or you can order, and put a note on the order. We hold wool in around 700 shades to complement any room or interior.


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