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Floral Chair Seat, Back and Arm Tapestry - Beverley Trammed Canvas

Floral Chair Seat, Back and Arm Tapestry - Beverley Trammed Canvas

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This is a fabulous chair seat, back and arm set, which will repay the time and effort in completion, by being a centrepeice in the home for generations. Beverley canvases have the design sketched out by hand and are produced exclusively in Madeira and quality checked independently before leaving the island.

This tapestry calls for predominantly wool threads, but rhere are details which are to be completed in cotton embroidery thread (6 stranded cotton threads, using all 6 strands for a tent stitch).

This is a vintage canvas and the wools to stitch the design are not with the canvas: this is reflected in the price. You are free to use your own wools, or we can supply the appropriate colours in Appletons Tapestry Wool and DMC threads. The wool pack is £40.0.

You can choose the colour background to suit and we can supply this for around £40.00, depending on how much of the canvas you need to cover, or you can use your own wool - again, the choice is yours. We have the full range of Appleton's Tapestry Wool available for background - over 425 shades to choose from. Please note that if you choose the background wool option, you will need to contact us separately, or put a note on the order as to the colour you wish us to supply.

These are the last of the Beverley stock available.

Please feel free to get in touch with us on 01756 753484 or if you would like to discuss the wool before ordering, or you can order, and put a note on the order. 

The seat, back and arms are trammed on a single piece of canvas which measures 36” x 71”. There is circa 15” between the seat and back on the canvas, and the arms are set to the sides, between the two. 

Chair seat design size circa 17" x 15.5".

Chair back design size circa 15” x 18”

Chair arms design size circa 7.5" x 3"

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