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Jobelan (evenweave) fabric 28ct Royal Blue

Jobelan (evenweave) fabric 28ct Royal Blue

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We stock a variety of coloured Jobelan evenweave fabrics (Jobelan is a cotton / rayon mix, usually 51 or 52% cotton).

Evenweave fabrics are an 'even' number of threads running horizontally and vertically. 

Jobelan is listed as either just 28ct or 27/28ct - but essentially it is the same. The higher the count, the finer the fabric, and for cross stitch, the threads are usually stitched across two holes, making this roughly the equivalent of a 14ct Aida.

Fabric is available in set lengths / widths as these are all offcuts and will not be restocked. Sizes given are approximate, and prices are set accordingly.
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