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Paternayan wool threads Colours 960-972

Paternayan wool threads Colours 960-972

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Paternayan yarn (also known as Paterna and Colonial Persion yarn) is 100% Persian virgin wool, three stranded yarn dyed in a rainbow of colours around 300 and available in differing lengths.

Paternayan has had a varied history in recent years. We are the main UK stockist, and have amassed a wide collection. Because our collection has come from different sources and different times, we really do encourage you to call us if colour matching is important.

We hold stocks of many colours, in differing lengths. We have a mix of skeins, hanks and continuous lengths on cones. There are also some plaits. 

Skeins may come in 7.3m single lengths or a multiple of pre-cut lengths (which is a suitable length for stitching with).  Because of the limitations of putting variables onto an online shop, we have only listed skeins and hanks. If you do not wish to receive cut lengths, please put a note on your order, so we can confirm that we are able to supply the single length.

Where it appears that a colour is out of stock, please get in touch as we may have cones or cut lengths available (and we often break down hanks into skeins). Please note that we do not intend to purchase any further stocks from the USA, but we can colour match to other suitable wool brands if the Paterna colour is no longer available.

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