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Woodland Scene - Tramme Tapestry Wall Hanging

Woodland Scene - Tramme Tapestry Wall Hanging

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Sometimes, a tapestry comes along which makes you stop and stare. We did, when we unpacked this one!

A wall hanging, measuring 48" x 44.5" with a central design of 41.5" x 35", this trammed woodland scene almost looks as though it has already been stitched, so good is the tramme work. In fact, the smaller detail has been completed in petit point by the manufacturers of this amazing tapestry.

It has come out of the real vintage vault, so much so that we are not entirely sure who the manufacturer was. All we know is that tramme work is almost exclusively produced on the island of Madeira, and it is very high quality. (Our best guess is Ivo, as the majority of 'picture' tapestries were theirs, and this is a quintisentially English scene)

We would love someone to come and take this one on, to complete what is a major piece of work, but when complete and fully hung, would be a centrepiece of a home for decades.

The tapestry is complete, with the wool for all the design, and obviously, no background wool is required, unless for an additional border.

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